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Long Term Storage

6 Useful Tips for Long Term Storage

We’ve all seen people who switched houses and make it look super easy. The way they organise, de-clutter, store, and then transfer all their things from one place to another, almost like they could do it blindfolded. Whatever the circumstances, these ‘types’ of people are pro, whether it’s dealing with changing homes or just maximising the space they have.

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Home Renovation

Benefits of Self Storage Units during Home Renovation

Homes are our safe sanctuaries. It's the place where we start and end our day. So, it makes sense to invest and make our house more comfortable, up-to-date, practical and modern - ultimately, it has to work for us. However, one problem that often arises with home restoration is the safety of existing goods – furniture, crockery and kitchen equipment, electronics, soft furnishings and more.  It is vital to first secure these and then move ahead with the restoration project. An ideal way to do that is by renting a storage unit. It's a safe and secure way to make sure all your stuff is kept intact, leaving you to focus on the home restoration without worrying about anything getting…

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