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We offer self storage solutions beyond your expectations

Self Storage Solutions offers a range of self storage facilities throughout Essex. Our sites are conveniently located off popular A roads, in between Rayleigh and Southend-on-Sea, as well as Leigh-on-Sea. Our sites have 46 units in total, with over 15,000 sq ft of storage space.

With the demand for storage space increasing every day, we know how to meet that challenge, at prices you can afford. Ideally structured for durability and easily accessible, our units are the perfect solution for providing you with the additional space you need, when you need it.

Alongside our Customer Satisfaction Promise and our unusually flexible terms (as little as one month), we continue to reinvest in the most advanced industry equipment, whether it's brand new storage units (as of Spring 2023) or the latest in tech, like our security cameras. We strive to keep our site well maintained, accessible and patroled to the highest standard.

With 10ft, 13ft or 20ft options available for both personal and business needs, we're confident we have a storage solution for you.


Safe, secure and complete peace of mind storage

  • Safe and secure
  • Well maintained sites
  • 24/7 access on selected sites
  • Out-of-hours support
  • Over 15,000 sq ft
  • Multiple unit sizes
  • Same day sign up
  • No lengthy contracts
  • Multi-person access
  • Popular Essex locations

Frequently asked questions

Both of our personal and business storage solutions come in two sizes: 10ft x 8ft or 20ft x 8ft.

As guidance, our 10ft x 8ft units are comparable to a small 1-bed flat or large garage. You’ll be able to store 100+ archive boxes in this unit. Vehicle storage sizes include a car, small van or transit. The total internal size for this unit type is 80 sq ft.

Our 20ft x 8ft units are comparable to a large 2-bed or small 3-bed house. You’ll be able to store 200 – 250 archive boxes in this unit. Vehicle storage sizes range from a car up to a Luton van. The total internal size for this unit type is 160 sq ft.

If you’re still unsure what size is right for you, use our Get an Estimate tool or Contact Us.

In order to rent a self storage unit with ourselves, you’ll need two pieces of identification; the first needs to be a valid photographic ID such as a passport or driving license.

The second needs to be a letter or bill – such as your council tax or a utility bill, and it needs to be dated within the last three months.

Finally, unless you’re paying for the year in full (to receive the annual discount), you’ll be required to pay the first month upfront.

As circumstances can change all the time, we don’t enforce any lengthy commitments. In fact, you can get a self storage unit for as little as a month.

However, if you plan on having a self storage unit as a long-term solution, please consider our annual arrangement. See our Storage Options for more information.

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