Both of our personal and business storage solutions come in three sizes: 10ft x 8ft, 13ft x 10ft or 20ft x 8ft.

As guidance, our 10ft x 8ft units are comparable to a small 1-bed flat or large garage. You’ll be able to store 100+ archive boxes in this unit. Vehicle storage sizes include a car, small van or transit. The total internal size for this unit type is 80 sq ft.

Our 13ft x 8ft units are comparable to a small 2-bed flat or large garage. You’ll be able to store up to 150 archive boxes in this unit. Vehicle storage range in sizes, including a large car, van or transit. The total internal size for this unit type is 104 sq ft.

Our 20ft x 8ft units are comparable to a large 2-bed or small 3-bed house. You’ll be able to store 200 – 250 archive boxes in this unit. Vehicle storage sizes range from a car up to a Luton van. The total internal size for this unit type is 160 sq ft.

If you’re still unsure what size is right for you, use our Get an Estimate tool or Contact Us.

In order to rent a self storage unit with ourselves, you’ll need two pieces of identification; the first needs to be a valid photographic ID such as a passport or driving license.

The second needs to be a letter or bill – such as your council tax or a utility bill, and it needs to be dated within the last three months.

Finally, unless you’re paying for the year in full you’ll be required to pay the first month upfront.

As circumstances can change all the time – especially during the current global climate, we don’t enforce any lengthy commitments. In fact, you can get a self storage unit for as little as a month.

However, if you plan on having a self storage unit as a long-term solution, please consider our annual arrangement. See our Storage Options for more information.

Yes, selected sites can be accessed 24/7.

If you require access outside the hours of 08:00 – 17:00, Monday to Sunday, you must request this in advance. To arrange an out-of-hours appointment, please call, text or WhatsApp our service line on +44 7988 889867.

Self Storage Solution Ltd has public liability insurance, for when you’re on the site, however, this insurance doesn’t extend to protecting your stored goods.

You are ultimately responsible for your own personal items, and we don’t take any liability for any damaged, missing or stolen goods. We will of course help where we can and when the law requires us to.

You can take out your own insurance, but it must cover goods being placed in self storage. As not all household insurances will cover you whilst your possessions are in a self storage facility, so it’s important to check the terms and conditions of your insurance provider. If you’re still unsure, please contact them directly.

Individually, the storage units are not fitted with electricity or lightning, however, all of our external areas are well floodlit and should provide sufficient lightning into your unit.

We try our hardest to keep our site secure and, therefore, your storage unit as safe as possible. We usually have someone on-site everyday 08:00 to 17:00, who will be there to help from a customer service perspective but also to patrol.

In addition, the site is fully fenced, with coded gate access, and each container comes with a secure lock box with your own personal key.

We don’t have specific rules on the numbers of people who can access your container so this very much at the customer’s desecration. It’s also not a service we offer, but most locksmiths will be able to create a copy.

From a security and safety aspect, we would recommend keeping this to a minimum, to trust those you’ve given access to and to keep a record of who has access.

Our Rayleigh site is conveniently located along the A1015, which can be reached by car and public transport. Being an A road, the road is well maintained and wide, suitable for HGVs and other larger vehicles.

Close by, you’ll find Miller & Carter Steakhouse Restaurant and the Lancaster Road bus stop.

Our Leigh-On-Sea site is located between the A127 and A1015, off Progress Road.

At this moment in time, we don’t offer any form of boxes – archive, storage etc. However, we’re currently working with a local manufacture so that we’re able to offer this as a service to all of our customers. Our goal is to offer a range of high-quality boxes at affordable prices.

In the meantime, please see online marketplaces such as Facebook Marketplace and eBay where you’ll be able to find local and national sellers who would be able to provide a suitable solution. We’d also be happy to make some recommendations.

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