Not sure what unit size you require? Try our easy-to-use estimate tool! Just enter the quantity of each item that you wish to store in one of our units. We list the most common items found in the living room, dining room, bedroom, kitchen, plus miscellaneous items.

Click ‘calculate’ and the tool will give you the estimated square footage, and suggests what unit size is best suited to you. If you get stuck and need to start again, just click the ‘reset’ button.

Once you have your results, you can decide between our three different storage unit sizes: 10ft x 8ft (80 sq ft total internal space), 13ft x 8ft (104 sq ft total internal space) or 20ft x 8ft (160 sq ft total internal space).

Please bear in mind this is a free online tool that we provide, and results may vary. There may be a discrepancy between your online results and the actual total size you require. We encourage you to Contact Us if you’re still unsure.

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