Storage units are the talk of the town these days, as more and more people are buying or renting them to place their belongings. There are over 1,500 storage facilities in the UK, which provides more than 44.6 million square feet of storage space.

Storage units are a great way to store belongings that you no longer require. You could store them temporarily while you move or even store belongings that you don’t need permanently. They’re a great way to keep valuable and personal items safe. Furthermore, storage units are cheap, and most facilities offer different payment options that include either purchasing or renting storage units.

When you get a storage unit, the key thing is maximising space so that all your belongings can be placed safely into a storage unit. Most people struggle with this aspect and hence, suffer.

We’ve compiled some tips and tricks that we like to call ‘the art of maximising space in your storage unit’.

Dismantle furniture

Bulky and large items such as furniture can take up a lot of space and be a nuisance. Dismantle your furniture as much as possible to create more space.

Place bulky items at the bottom

Secondly, make sure to place bulky items at the bottom and lighter items on top, so the piles don’t end up falling. It’s particularly important to fill the vertical space, so you have ample space to place your other belongings.

Give away things you don’t need

Before placing your belongings in a storage unit, throw out or give away stuff you no longer. This way, you’ll only be using the storage space for essential items you might need in the future. Purging items you no longer need will reduce your belongings and help you place the items you need in a better manner. Besides, giving to charity is a noble cause and should be exercised by everyone.

Take extra care of fragile items

Items such as mirrors, picture frames, and paintings are fragile and need to be placed carefully, so they don’t break. One way to protect them is by covering them with blankets, sheets, or bubble wrap. This will soften any blow they might receive in case of any collision.

Use large plastic bins rather than cardboard boxes and bags

Another tip is to use plastic bins of the same size instead of using boxes or bags. Cardboard boxes can be a hassle; they break and are a nuisance when stacking and bags can rip easily. Large plastic bins of the same shape and size make stacking easier and reduce the chances of the stacks falling.

Bonus Tip

Always remember to label your boxes so that you know which box contains what items. This will help you find stuff from your storage unit quickly and save you the time of having to open every box.

Whether you’re moving to a new home, have stuff you don’t need at the moment, in the army or on the road, if you need to store your belongings, a self storage unit might be the best choice for you, especially now you know how to use the space wisely.

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