Moving to a new home is a life-changing decision, and an exciting one too. You’re about to get a fresh start, and new opportunities await you. However, that doesn’t mean there you aren’t feeling overwhelmed with moving your entire home; it is only natural that you do!

There are ways you can make sure that things go smoothly, and your moving system is organised in a way that you understand where everything is going.

We have listed tips that will make you feel more in control of your situation.

1. Contact a Mover’s Company Early on

Sometimes, for you to settle into the idea that you’re going to move and to be on schedule setting up a date with the moving company can be useful. You may also find it hard to book a date with them, depending on where you plan to move.

When it comes to picking a mover’s company, be sure to check their professionalism and how good their service is. A good idea here is to check reviews online such as Trustpilot, Checkatrade and so on. Another thing to check is if they’re using durable boxes for storage. Your precious items will be in the hands of who you choose as movers, so be careful when you do so.

2. Start Decluttering Beforehand

Whenever you have decided to move, that should be the time you start to either giving things away that you don’t need or throwing things out. Not only does it save you the extra stress of having to deal with it during packing, but it saves you money.

You can recycle, donate, or simply throw-away items that you no longer need. Some will even find new homes and make other people very happy. You’ll also save on transporting these unnecessary items to your new place, cluttering that too, and making you feel increasingly overwhelmed.

3. Keep Valuables Safe

Throughout our lives, we come across items that become valuable to us, and we find it extremely difficult to part with. When moving, you’re likely to be stressed about the movers misplacing your valuables or just the items getting lost or stolen.

Keep these items safe with you. Check for homeowner’s insurance to see how they will be covered during the move and keep things like jewellery, family heirlooms, or important papers with you. If you plan ahead, this will not take a lot of time to figure out, leaving you to be stress-free during the move.

4. Consider Self Storage Options

 If you’re in between homes, renovating your new one or possibly downsizing, considering a self storage unit may be the answer. Keeping your precious furniture and items out of the away in a clean and safe environment contributes to an even better stress-free move. It may even save you a small fortune in the future as moving companies are typically more expensive than short-term self storage.

5. Organise Your Utility Bills

With the haphazardness of moving, you can forget important tasks like to take the final meter readings, but doing so will make your move all the more smoother. To keep a record, you can even take pictures of the final readings or make digital notes.

Similarly, before you move, make sure the new place’s utilities are in order – register for new broadband providers in advance, as well as gas, water, and electricity.

All in all, moving might be stressful for you still, but these tips are going to help you greatly in lessening your own burden and having less to think about. Happy moving!

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