Moving homes can hold a special place in your heart, you’re starting a new chapter in your life, and you plan on making it as memorable as the last. However, moving comes with its stresses and expenses. Homeowners should take the time to realise that moving can be just as physically painful as it can mentally.

It’s easy to get lost in the logistics and forget the dangers of moving. Thus, not taking into account measures that can prevent injuries that will only derail your moving plans. We have compiled a list of tips that ought to help you become mindful during your move.

1) Plan a Few Steps in Advance

Planning! Planning is everything when you’re making a significant change, especially in the case of moving. While working with the hopes that no significant injuries will happen during your move, not putting yourself in that situation in the first place is altogether the smarter choice.

Plan a few steps. If there is heavy furniture to be lifted, find a designated place for it before you physically start to move it. Don’t force any furniture in places they don’t belong, that only seeks to injure you instead of helping in any way. Ask yourself if you need to hire someone to help you out with more significant pieces.

A helpful reminder is to prepared a first aid box for any small scrapes that are likely to happen, which, if not treated, can become increasingly more irritated.

2) Wrap Sharp Objects and Knives

Take extra care when you’re wrapping up sharp objects that can either injure yourself during the move or the movers – if you’ve planned to hire their services. Items like knives, gardening tools, and sharp corners of furniture can easily injure you if not prepared correctly.

They can also tear through your boxes if enough force is applied and will leave items in disarray if not damaged or broken. Wrap these items in multiple layers, beginning with a bubble wrap and then packing paper. You can also roll them in dish towels or any other clothing rags you have for extra protection.

3) Don’t Overpack

When you’re buying boxes, make sure to buy enough so that items can fit in properly without the box either bursting or becoming too heavy to lift. Sure, you can fit many things in one box but do so smartly. This way, you aren’t stuffing the box above its capacity.

Create a rule of thumb to not pack more than 50 pounds in one small box, 70 in a medium, and so on. Follow this throughout your packing, so you don’t get any surprises on the day of the move. Lifting unnecessarily heavier boxes can lead to strains or injuries on your joints and back. Keep in mind that your health needs to be at its best to move successfully!

Bonus Tip

Don’t do it all in one go! If you’re not sure if you’re existing furniture is going to suit or fit your new property, consider short-term self storage. Storing items in a safe facility like ours can help spread your move over a longer period of time, perhaps a month instead of one day. This will ensure you don’t overdo it.

There is still a chance you might incur some minor injuries during your move, however, these tips will ensure that major injuries can be avoided. Remember to listen to your body, be patient, be organised and to enjoy the process – your next chapter is just around the corner.

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