If you’re considering moving homes, it usually means you’re going to look for movers, especially ones that are responsible and extremely professional. However, choosing a moving company can take a lot of trust from you. In essence, you’re handing them over your most precious possessions as well as other items.

To make sure you’re not missing any aspect of moving when hiring a moving company, we’ve listed important questions you have to ask yourself before you choose any company to help you move.

How Much Time Will Moving Take?

This question can seem unimportant because you’re moving regardless of the time it takes, but this is important information your movers should be able to give you, given they are professionals in their field.

This will help you determine when to move to the new place yourself, any possible delays that might occur due to weather or any other reason. A company that can answer these questions with a detailed itinerary that dictates every stop and move will determine how much trust you can have in that company, and they have in their business.

Do They Have a License?

Always manage to check the moving company you’re planning to hire and see whether they are properly licensed. This will help you avoid moving scams and rogue movers, which can be a perilous experience.

All professional moving companies have a license number, and you can usually use online tools to obtain the legitimacy of that license.

What is Their Insurance Policy?

Moving can be risky. There is a chance that some of your items will get damaged during the move, even when the movers are careful. This makes it all the more reason to be critical and to study and understand your moving company’s insurance policy.

Try to hire companies that have their insurance policy instead of a third party dealing with insurance because alternatively, it may be a long-drawn-out process and too complicated.

Do They Have Experience with Your Type of Move?

When it comes to choosing moving companies, you need to be sure that they are not only experienced in their field but can cater to your specific needs. If you’re moving to a property with a narrow stairway or to a flat that does not have a lift, are they going to manage?

Instead of you having to worry on the day of moving and the movers unable to accommodate you, it’s smart to ask what kind of services they can provide and whether they have the staff for it. Try to also provide as much detail about your existing and new property so they can prepare and become well equipped.

How Do They Charge for Their Moving Service?

Get full details of the mover’s pricing structure before you hire them, especially what they are charging for particular services. This way, you can manage your budget for moving and know how much will be required of you instead of having surprise expenditures.

Get the company to show you a written confirmation of your fee structure, and be sure to keep in within your budget.

Do I Need a Moving Company?

The answer to this question solely relies on what you’re actually moving. For example, are you moving property and need to get your stuff from once to another, or are you overwhelmed with your current set up and need a little more space?

Instead of hiring a moving company, look at whether self storage is a solution for you instead. With short-term and long-term solutions, personal or business storage, it might be the way forward. If you don’t have access to a large vehicle, consider renting a van or truck from a local depot and do it yourself. This will save you not only time but potentially a lot of money too.

In conclusion, moving might not be an easy episode of your life, but you can make it as easy as possible by asking an important question beforehand. Having a stress-free mental state can make this experience even enjoyable!

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